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In order to access the area reserved for market operators, you must:
Read the ‘General terms and conditions for the use of Banca d’Italia’s Electronic Tendering Portal, download the forms for accepting the conditions for using the Portal, fill them in and sign them with a digital signature.
Fill in the form online, by clicking on ‘Nuova registrazione’ (sign up) and attach Forms 1 and 1-bis for accepting the Portal’s conditions of use, to be completed with your digital signature.
You can sign up and be authorized to use the Portal free of charge.

Tenders and Notices

Notice – List of Banca d’Italia suppliers

Banca d’Italia has drawn up a List of suppliers of works, services and supplies.
There is a single list for all of Italy and is divided into three sections (Works, Services and Supplies), in turn divided into commodity sectors and categories. It makes it possible to choose the economic operators to invite to procedures for amounts below the EU thresholds based on certain criteria, thereby ensuring compliance with the principles of transparency, fairness and rotation.
Economic operators that are interested and meet the requirements can request to be included on Banca d’Italia’s List of suppliers, provided they set up an account on the Portal. Signing up is free and remains open for as long as the List is valid.
The list of the commodity categories for which you can sign up also includes the categories for supplying goods and services for banknote production at the plant in Rome on via Tuscolana.
To sign up to one of the new categories, you must have prior technical accreditation.
Given that the preliminary tests for technical accreditation have be done in a way that is compatible with the plant’s production needs, requests for accreditation may be spread out over time. Applicants will in any case be provided with information on the time it takes to start the work.
For information, write to:

For information, write to:

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  1. For information on using the portal you can contact the Assistance Service, active from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00
  2. Toll Free Number 800 198 912
  3. Number from abroad +39 02 00 70 42 50


  1. General Conditions pdf 2.9 Kb
  2. Instructions on the use of the Bank of Italy's Electronic Tendering Portal pdf 2388 Kb
  3. Acceptance of the General Conditions for the Use of Portal zip 68 Kb
  4. Integrity Pact pdf 159 Kb

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